Family Pest Control Assures Expert Rodent Removal in San Antonio

Family Pest Control is an eco-friendly rodent removal company offering humane removal services from state-of-the-art offices in San Antonio, Texas. Our reputation in the rodent removal marketplace is highlighted by our 30 years in the local industry, with experience helping thousands of companies and residential clients remove rodents from their properties.

Don’t Wait for a Rodent Infestation to Become a Problem

If you’ve noticed mice, squirrels or rats crawling and scuttling around your yard, home or business, whether at night or during the day, call us as soon as possible. Giving rodents time to reproduce can lead to significant structural damage and potential health issues within your property.

Our team is available now via 210-681-5094 to help meet all San Antonio rodentremoval needs

Humane and Environmentally-Responsible Rodent Removal in San Antonio

We specialize in traditional rodent removal methods, but also offer up-to-date, environmentally-friendly, humane rodent control tactics. These include baits and traps that don’t use toxic poisons.

Rodent Control | San Antonio, TXThey Might Look Cute, but Rodents can be Dangerous

Four-legged animals inhabiting your attic, chimney, crawl space or within your walls can be a living nightmare. Squirrels are most active during the early night and morning hours, while rats can be heard throughout the night. Mice are usually seen before they are heard. These rodents are noisy, smelly and destructive — damaging structure, insulation, water pipes and electrical wiring, resulting in hazards to you and your family.

It’s important to remember that mold growing on rodent feces has been linked to severe allergy symptoms and asthma. Turn to Family Pest Control to resolve your pest problem.

Exclusion is the best long-term solution to protect your home and your peace of mind. We exclude rodents by driving them out with strobe lights or other means, and then sealing off their entrances with caulking, wire mesh or expandable foam. We set traps to capture any remaining animals and conduct follow-up visits as required.

Look to our highly trained and experienced animal control technicians for baiting, trapping or excluding all invasive rodents. Contact us today to begin the removal process.

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