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5 Lawn Care Tips From The Pest Control Experts At Family Pest Control

One of the foremost challenges associated with having pests in and around your property is the damage these pests can cause to your lawn space. They can dig holes in the lawn and burrow deep underneath, causing long-term lawn growth issues. Insects can also cause damage to plants outside the home, limiting the appeal of the garden and potentially causing harm to your pets and small children in the home. To discover the latest lawn care tips for your home, read the following guidance from Family Pest Control.

  1. Move Branches And Leaves
    One item that attracts insects and larger animals to the lawn are stale leaves and broken branches. If the leaves and tree remnants have been allowed to stay in the same place for months at a time they begin to rot, attracting animals with their smell. It’s important to move them out of the way and to have all garden waste recycled locally.
  2. Look For The Signs Of Intrusion
    The signs of intrusion around your lawn could be anthills or mounds from other animals digging up the soil in the lawn. This could also include damaged plants that have broken leaves. Look for the signs that insects have entered your property and make sure you respond quickly to the signs of an issue.
  3. Call A Pest Control Specialist Immediately
    One of the reasons that lawns become damaged beyond repair is that the homeowner waits too long to deal with the pest issue. It’s important to call a pest control problem immediately when you suspect an issue within your home.
  4. Book A Year-Round Service
    It’s important to book year-round services when turning to a pest control team for your lawn care challenges. The team at Family Pest Control for example offers full year-round treatments that can be completed according to the lawn care challenges within the property.
  5. Monitor The Problem
    Once the treatments have been completed, it’s important that you monitor the issue for the potential return of insects and wildlife to the yard. Most treatments are successful over time but changing weather patterns and the introduction of new flowers to your yard might require you to undertake further treatments in the future.

The team at Family Pest Control is here to guide you in managing your home lawn care issues. To speak with the pest control experts today, call their offices now at 210-681-5094 or visit their business website at