3 Hot Spots For Rodent Intrusion

Mar 10, 2018

In mitigating the impact of rodents on your property, it’s important to know how these pests enter the home, and the hot spot locations in which rodent issues are most prevalent. Our trusted San Antonio team has decades of experience responding to rodent control issues, and in this latest post we’ll highlight three hot spots to analyze within your home.

a rat up close inside of a san antonio texas home
  1. The Kitchen Door
    If you have a door within your kitchen space leading to the outside, it’s likely a popular area for any rodents in the location. Rodents will use the space to quickly access your kitchen and any food you’ve left on the counter. You may find small holes within walls close to the door where they make their way inside and outside the property.
  2. Crawl Space
    Any crawl spaces within home, underneath or adjacent to the basement are popular areas for rodents to congregate. Where possible, they prefer these darker areas of the home, and will often use the space to protect young ones and for feeding their families. Crawl spaces are ideal because rodents rarely interact with homeowners in this part of the property.
  3. Under Living Room Furniture
    Those small scraps of food you forget to clean-up in the kitchen could be attracting rodents! You may find that there are mice or rats in your living room the next time you go to move the furniture. Make sure you clean the area carefully to avoid rodent issues and to safeguard the home.

To learn more on the rodent hot spots in your San Antonio home, call our rodent control team now. Our team is available around the clock to help protect your property!


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