3 Tips To Prevent Rodents Accessing Your Home

Mar 1, 2018

Once inside the property, rodents can have a long-term impact within your home. They can carry diseases that cause illness to your loved ones. They can damage the structure of your property. And they can make loud noises throughout the night, keeping you and everyone else inside the home awake. To ensure a proactive stance and prevent rodents entering your home, our Texas pest control team is offering these three prevention tips in our latest blog post.

a rat crawling up the window of a home in san antonio texas
  1. Clean Up Food Debris
    One of the most common reasons rodents enter into homes is to look for food. You can prevent rodents from finding their way inside and staying there by removing all food debris from your living room and kitchen spaces. Clean up dishes after they’ve been used and keep your counters clear of all leftovers. This will ensure rodents stay away from the common areas within the home.
  2. Place Garbage In Secure Bins
    Many homeowners invite rodents into their property by not securing their garbage bin lids. The lids should be held in place tightly to prevent rodents from accessing the scraps of food inside. This will help to keep your exterior areas safe from rodent intrusion and ensure your property isn’t an easy target.
  3. Trim Trees Outside The Home
    To prevent creatures such as rats and squirrels from entering the property, ensure that all trees and tree branches directly outside the home are trimmed. This will ensure the animal can’t make its way easily from the branch to the rooftop, and from there through any cracks in the roof to your home.

Our team are experts in rodent removal work. To discover more how to keep your home rodent free, call our Texas pest control experts now.


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