7 Tips For Effective Pest Control This Winter Time

Jan 27, 2018

With the start of the winter season now here, many people are wondering how they can continue to protect their homes against the latest pest issues. Winter pest control is an important topic of discussion, and so in this latest article, the experts at Family Pest Control provide their seven winter pest control tips.

a raccoon taking shelter in a residential mailbox during a snowstorm in san antonio texas

1. Keep food in airtight containers.
During the cool winter season, rodents enter homes to seek warmth. Try to avoid leaving food out to minimize infestation risks!

2. Inspect Wires.
One of the first signs of rodent intrusion in the home is bite marks in wiring and around insulation. Inspect your wiring for small indications that an animal has been chewing the material. You might notice the problem when you begin to have issues with your speakers or your Internet connection. Inspect all electrical issues for signs of home intrusion.

3. Install guttering to divert water.
Water that settles around the home can attract bugs. Make sure your guttering is working to peak performance to divert water away from your home. This can help to keep bugs away and to ensure that your entire home structure is protected during the winter season.

4. Install screens over vents.
Your chimney and furnace vents should be screened effectively to prevent access by raccoons and other animals seeking shelter this winter.

5. Contact a pest control professional if you spot droppings or live animals.
The moment you spot a rodent within the home this winter, make sure you call a pest control specialist immediately. They can help to analyze the issue and ensure that no more pests can enter the home.

6. Store firewood away from the home.
Rotting wood can attract rodents and insects. Make sure you store any firewood used within your home this winter in sheds separate from the home space.

7. Store items in sealed containers.
Personal items such as books, equipment and appliances should be stored in sealed containers rather than cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can easily disintegrate and can attract insects when they begin to break down.

The team at Family Pest Control can now offer comprehensive guidance on all winter pest control issues. To learn more, call their experts today!


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