A Quick Guide To Effective Scorpion Control While Camping In San Antonio

Dec 12, 2017

San Antonio is home to several native scorpion species, and while many of these creatures are harmless in the wild, they are known to have a painful sting when threatened. With the weather warming across the region, residents of San Antonio are now planning their upcoming camping trips for the spring and summer months and so we thought this would be a welcome opportunity to present a quick guide to effective scorpion control while camping in San Antonio.

a striped bark scorpion crawling on the ground at a san antonio texas campsite

Check Belongings Regularly

If you’re going to leave shoes, socks, and bags outside for any length of time while camping, it’s important to check them for small scorpions that may have made their way inside. Simply tipping the item up and shaking it is the best way to remove small insects.

Try To Set Up Tents Away from Dense Vegetation

Scorpions love to dwell in long grass throughout the year and they may be hiding in the area in which you put up your tent. Try to look for low-lying grass areas when setting up your tent to avoid disturbing the nests of local insects.

Carry Insect Spray

Insect spray is an immensely useful tool for the local San Antonio camper. The spray produces a foul-smelling odor that kills the insect and warns others not to go in the area. Remember, though, not to spray close to food and campfire flames.

By following expert guidance during upcoming camping trips, you and your friends can remain fully protected against scorpions and other insects. To learn further scorpion control tips for your future travels, reach out to our San Antonio experts directly!


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