Experienced Bed Bug Control In San Antonio

Jun 10, 2017

Bed Bug Treatments In San Antonio

Bed bugs are now found everywhere; hotels (cheap ones and luxurious ones), movie theaters, hospitals, public transportation (including airplanes), daycares – anywhere people congregate for pleasure or work. And bed bugs are experts at hitchhiking onto clothing, shoes, suitcases, backpacks, etc. and eventually finding residence in our beds or furniture.

a family pest control bed bug technician treating a home in san antonio texas

Anyone who has attempted to eradicate a bed bug infestation on their own, armed with the latest miracle cure found over the trusty internet, knows how nearly impossible it is to become free of the blood-sucking pests.

The fact is: you, or someone you know, will probably experience one or more bed bug situations in the future. There are ways for you to prepare for such a time that will lessen the severity of the infestation, and will make a treatment by a bed bug expert more effective and less costly.

1. Properly identify the existence of bed bugs. Not all bite symptoms are caused by bed bugs.
2. Keep the bedrooms and sitting rooms free of clutter. Vacuum frequently.
3. Place bed bug approved encasements on all mattresses and box springs.
4. Use Climb-Up monitors under all bed and headboard support legs.
5. Move the entire bed and headboard away from walls and furniture. Avoid using bed skirts.
6. Launder bedding often while keeping a sharp eye out for insects and blood stains on linens and mattress/ box spring seams.
7. Seal baseboard and switch cover seams with caulking. Dust lightly around baseboard, headboard, mattress seams and under furniture with a silica-based powder. Diatomaceous earth does not last very long in our humid South Texas environment.
8. Call a professional to inspect for bed bugs if someone is waking up with small, reddish welts that they didn’t have before going to bed. Place sticky glue traps in rooms to identify if fleas may instead be the culprit.


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