Family Pest Control Announces New Services For Residents of Live Oak, TX

Dec 10, 2017

Trusted local leaders for pest control, Family Pest Control have just announced they will now be offering their expertise to clients across Live Oak, Selma and Garden Ridge, TX. Clients across the company’s new service areas will now have access to experts for the removal of mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, rodents, scorpions, and other pests. It’s a service suite that ensures homes are protected and property owners can live in complete comfort.

a family pest control service technician posing outside of a home in live oak texas

Common pests such as mosquitoes and rodents can not only damage a property’s lawn spaces and interior structure, they can also carry diseases and present a significant health risk to all members of the family. This means it’s imperative to ensure that any potential pests are removed from a property as quickly and as professionally as possible. Now, residents in the cities of Selma, Garden Ridge, and Live Oak, TX will gain quick access to expert pest control guidance from Family Pest Control.

Family Pest Control’s experienced team can quickly respond to all pest control requirements. The company operates a large fleet of vehicles to respond to all potential pest issues and can help homeowners identify and remove pests using methods that represent the pinnacle in environmental safety. It’s the leading class service local residents require for expert pest removal work!

To discover more on the full selection of services offered by Family Pest Control, please contact their team now at 210-681-5094 or visit their business website today at


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