Family Pest Control Emphasizes The Benefits Of Using Soil Wetting Agents For Lawn Care, San Antonio

Jul 11, 2017

You may not know it, but there are many advantages to using soil wetting agents on your lawn. Not exactly sure what soil wetting agents are? Put simply, soil wetting agents are used by Family Pest Control to reduce soil surface tension, thereby soaking up any excess moisture just like a sponge would.

wet soil outside of a home in san antonio texas

If you really care about your lawn, then it is likely that you have tried mulching to achieve the same result. The problem with mulching, however, is that it can sometimes dry out your lawn during the warmer summer months. Other times, chemicals commonly found in mulching can also have a reverse effect over time, making it a water repellent.

Unlike mulching, soil wetting agents create a film on your lawn’s soil. Additionally, soil wetting agents also have insect repelling advantages, especially during mosquito season. As you may already know, mosquitoes make their homes in still water. Without soil wetting agents, your lawn may collect too much water making it the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

If you are currently looking for mosquito extermination services, you may also benefit from using soil wetting agents. To find out more about all of Family Pest Control’s services, including lawn care, San Antonio residents are encouraged to visit


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