Family Pest Control Introduces Customers To The Many Advantages Of Soil Wetting Agents

Jul 30, 2017

San Antonio, TX - Central Texas offers many benefits to homeowners due to the tropical warmth and natural beauty of the area. However, Texas summers can be brutally hot and rainfall often is not adequate to support the health of our lawns and greenery. This is why the application of wetting agent chemicals to the soil can be a life-saver for San Antonio homeowners.

an irrigation system wetting soil on a san antonio texas property

Wetting agents are special polymers that cause the soil to absorb water and then spread the moisture throughout the complete soil profile. Grass and plant roots can then flourish and reach deeper into the topsoil, thus providing the plants with enough moisture to survive, even during times of drought.

To determine whether a wetting agent product could benefit your lawn, try pouring a pitcher of water onto a spot in the lawn. Now dig into the spot with a hand spade or spoon, and notice how far the water has penetrated into the soil. Next, do the same thing, but with a pitcher of soapy water ( add one or two ounces of dishwashing soap to the pitcher ). Now, dig into the soil and observe how much deeper the water has gone.

You could add soap to your irrigation water to make your own wetting agent concoction, however, the cost would be high and some detergents can actually harm plants. It is best to use proven, professional wetting agents, applied by a professional lawn care person using efficient equipment designed for such applications.

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