Family Pest Control Offers Expert Advice On How To Remove Raccoons & Other Critters From Your San Antonio Home

Jun 20, 2017

There are few things that will surprise a homeowner more than coming home to find that a raccoon or another wild critter has also managed to get inside. If you’re lucky, the raccoon may be in an easily contained area like a basement or an attic. If this is the case, simply contact the services of a professional company like Family Pest Control for wildlife removal. San Antonio residents are encouraged to seal off any potential entry points once the animal has been extracted in order to prevent regular break-ins.

raccoons resting on a fence in a san antonio texas residential backyard

Sometimes, however, homeowners aren’t so lucky. Wild animals, such as raccoons, don’t have the ability to comprehend that your home and your food isn’t meant for them to nest in and eat, so they can often be found in common spaces of the home like the living room. If you ever come home to encounter a raccoon, remember the following tips for managing your situation:

1. First and foremost ensure that your children and pets vacate the area. Although raccoons are not known for initiating attacks, they may do so out of fear and leave your loved ones with scratches, bites, and possibly rabies.

2. Attempt to shut the doors to prevent the raccoon from accessing other parts of your home so that you know exactly where it is.

3. Do not attack or even run towards the raccoon because they are not trying to damage your home but will defend themselves if they are provoked.

4. Typically, nocturnal animals like raccoons will only enter your home at night so if you encounter one during the day take extra precautions with the confused and vulnerable animal.

5. Once the raccoon is contained, contact a professional company for wildlife removal. San Antonio’s Family Pest Control has been providing extermination services for over 33 years and has developed a trusted reputation as a leader in the industry.

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