Family Pest Control: Trusted For Expert Pest And Rodent Control In San Antonio

Apr 9, 2018

Our team here at Family Pest Control is committed to ensuring the safety of all local Live Oak, TX homes. We work directly with homeowners to help them remove pests from their property and mitigate the damage that creatures such as raccoons, mice, rats, snakes, spiders, and ants can have on their home. We do this using only the highest quality, most environmentally-friendly pest control removal products and techniques. This ensures the best value for money for the homeowner and the most effective response to their pest control needs in the long-term.

a family pest control service technician greeting a residential homeowner in san antonio texas

The Advantages Of Selecting Family Pest Control:

  • Full Service Pest Control
    From our initial consultations through to the final review of the property, Family Pest Control is able to use their pest and rodent control expertise to help guide San Antonio homeowners through the entire pest removal process. We also offer a range of monthly, quarterly, and annual treatments to help homeowners protect their property over many years. This means that Family Pest Control is a trusted partner in securing the family home.
  • Proven Performance
    Family Pest Control is among the best-reviewed San Antonio companies within the local pest and rodent control marketplace. We’ve received numerous awards from local organizations and our services continued to be rated highly on local review sites. We credit these high ratings to our commitment to communication with our customers. We work to ensure their home is in peak condition and use our knowledge on pest control to answer each of their questions.
  • Responsive Services
    When families discover a pest in their property, whether it’s a snake or a squirrel, the problem must be resolved immediately. We understand this issue completely, and that’s why we’ve built a highly responsive removal service. Our team has access to a fleet of company vehicles and quality removal equipment around the clock to meet the needs of all Live Oak homeowners.

The Family Pest Control team is ready to help guide you in removing pests from your property! Call now at 210-681-5094 or fill out our online form to speak with an experienced removal expert.


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