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Apr 3, 2018

Our team at Family Pest Control thrive on providing hassle-free pest and rodent control in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We’re experts in pest behavior and identification and can help ensure your home and family are protected against a range of creatures. It’s how we’ve become the local leaders for professional pest removal services, available around the clock.

a family pest control service technician installing a rodent control station outside of a home in san antonio texas

Our Services Suite 

  • One-Time Pest Cleanout Services: whether you need an annual service, bi-annual services, or services every 6 months, you can call our team the moment a removal challenge arises. We offer affordable services through proven pest control professionals.
  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly Services: We offer treatments for inside the home and outside the home on a monthly and bi-monthly basis to keep your home protected. Discount pricing is now available!
  • Quarterly Services: Our quarterly services are our most popular service option. As part of this service, we treat each room in the home, including closet, attic and garage space. We treat the outdoor spaces with a 10ft. perimeter spray, which is designed for environmentally-friendly performance to treat bushes and weep holes. We then treat under eaves, decks, and around patios. We’re offering discount pricing on this leading local service.
  • Rodent & Wild Animal Trapping: Our trapping experts can help you mitigate the danger of rodents and wild animals around your home. The service includes a comprehensive home inspection, followed by the setting of traps. After a 14-day period, we return to the property to remove captured animals and reset the traps.  
  • Bed Bug Elimination: Our bed bug elimination service will keep your family safe against this persistent pest. We use combinations of heat, chemical and bedding enclosure to remove all parasitic bed bugs from the home. We offer per room pricing as part of our service.
  • Flea & Tick Control: Whether you need treatment inside or outside your home, we can offer leading-class flea and tick control. Our adulticide products are chosen due to their pet-safe performance as well as their ability to effectively control adult biting fleas & ticks. This service includes the use of growth regulator product keeps deposited eggs from developing. It’s one of the longest lasting treatments on the market and can prevent flea and tick problems from occurring again in the future.  
  • Mosquito Control: Our mosquito control treatment assure one-month of treatment for mosquito populations in your yard. The products kill the adult mosquitoes as they roost in the leaves. This ensures that the population is reduced incrementally each night. The treatment has been shown to control the vast majority of the mosquito population close to family homes.

Our trusted experts are here to guide you with professional pest and rodent control in your San Antonio home. Call today to book your service consultation!


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