Four Tips For Ant Infestation Prevention

Dec 11, 2017

Fire ants are found throughout the southwest region of the United States. These small creatures are unpredictable and have a painful sting that can be dangerous to small children and pets. If you own property in the area, it’s important to know how to prevent a fire ant infestation from taking place. And so within this article, our trusted San Antonio fire ant removal specialists offer their four fire ant infestation prevention tips.

a swarm of fire ants crawling outside of a san antonio texas residential property

Line Entryways with Anti-Ant Substances

Fire ant infestations can often be prevented by simply applying specific substances in entryways to the home. Salt is a leading option, as it absorbs moisture from the ants and limits their capacity for movement.

Line Kitchen Areas with Tape

Use double-sided type to prevent fire ants from crawling under kitchen counters and into cabinets. Tape can be placed down across the kitchen space to catch the ants before they nest in the home and begin to grow in number.

Remove All Food Sources from Counters

Counter spaces are important areas when it comes to effective fire ant control. It’s important to remove all food sources from these spaces as fire ants can easily make their way to the area and collect food for their colonies.

Remove Brush from Outside the Home

Immediately outside the home, any collection of garden debris can turn into a home for large fire ant colonies. Try to ensure all brush and leaves are removed from yard areas on a regular basis, as this will deter fire ants from the area and prevent infestation.

Our trusted fire ant removal team is ready today to help guard San Antonio families against fire ant infestations. To learn more, reach out to our team today!


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