How An Associate Certified Entomologist Can Help Solve Your Pest Problems

Dec 12, 2017

Our team here at Family Pest Control in San Antonio is delighted to announce that company manager Bob Cherrington has recently achieved Associate Certified Entomologist status. In this article, we’ll highlight how an Associate Certified Entomologist can help you in identifying pests and their impact on your home environment.

family pest control company manager bob cherrington looking into a microscope in a san antonio texas facility

Experts In Insect Identification

Associate Certified Entomologists are experts in fast insect identification. They can help ensure that any insect found on your property is immediately recognized and their threat mitigated. They can also ensure that you understand the health concerns associated with the particular insects within the home.

Finding The Source Of The Intrusion

Another clear benefit of working with an Associate Certified Entomologist is that they are experts in locating the source of the insect intrusion. They can review your home and look for areas of structural weakness that might have allowed the pest inside the property. This ensures that the threat can be mitigated in the long-term to keep your family safe and your home secure.

Pesticide Guidance

In harnessing the latest pesticides for professional pest control, it’s important to understand their impact on the home and the surrounding environment. Working with an Associate Certified Entomologist can ensure that all potential side-effects of pesticide use are considered and a plan for safe pesticide performance is created and implemented effectively.

Working with the specialists here at Family Pest Control in San Antonio can ensure all insect control issues are resolved seamlessly. Bob Cherrington is now available to help you secure your home for the long-term. Call our team today to schedule an appointment and speak with Bob.


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