How Our San Antonio Pest Control Company Can Help You With Post-Infestation Ant Control Services

Jul 16, 2017

There are many types of ants currently living in San Antonio, TX. For the most part, these ants are harmless, but annoying because they come in swarms. However, fire ants can cause allergic reactions and carpenter ants can destroy the wooden foundation of your home, so it is a good idea to not only get rid of all your ants but to take preventative measures to keep them away for good.

a carpenter ant crawling on the floor of a san antonio texas home

Family Pest Control’s post-infestation services do just this. Family Pest Control uses Fipronil, an effective, long-lasting product that is 40 times less concentrated (and therefore more healthy) than other products of the same nature. With one simple application to your lawn, shrub beds, attics, and other common places that ants to hide, Fipronil kills old mounds and prevents new mounds from forming for at least 12 months.

To prevent ants from harming your family, your pets, or your home it is important to use the services of a professional company who will eliminate new colonies from forming. Learn more about the San Antonio pest control company, Family Pest Control, and their preventative post-infestation services for ants, visit their website today at or call them today at 210-681-5094.


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