How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs & How To Prevent Them From Getting In Your House!

Aug 9, 2017

Have you been travelling? Are you moving into a new place? Have you recently been on a crowded bus or subway? If so, then your bed may be infested with bed bugs; all it takes is one. To prevent bed bugs from entering your home, always be careful in crowded areas and try not to sleep at low-rated motels/hotels.

a homeowner in san antonio texas inspecting a mattress for bed bugs

Bed bugs live for 2 reasons: to breed and eat. Unfortunately, they feed on blood and become trespassers in your own bed. Failure to remove even a few bed bugs can result in a wide-spread and uncontrollable infestation.

Although bed bugs don’t carry disease and aren’t exactly dangerous, many people are allergic to their bites and will find little, itchy red dots all over their bodies. Moreover, even after an infestation is eradicated many individuals still undergo hysteria for many months after.

Bed bugs are great hiders, but if you have noticed a tiny little bug in your bed or bite marks all over your body, it is time to contact a professional extermination company before it is too late. At Family Pest Control we will get rid of not only your bed bugs, but also their tiny eggs, thereby eradicating the problem for good.

To find out more about our bed bug control, San Antonio residents are encouraged to visit the Family Pest Control website at or to call 210-681-5094. No matter how big or small your infestation, we will eradicate the intruders safely and effectively.


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