How Using Adulticides And Growth Regulators Can Help Prevent Flea & Tick Infestations In The Home

Aug 4, 2017

Although dogs are fun, excitable animals who love exploring the world around them, they often end up catching fleas and ticks on their adventures. If you have a dog, it is important to have him regularly checked for fleas because they can quickly spread throughout the whole household and bite your loved ones.

a dog being treated for fleas in a san antonio texas home

That is why Family Pest Control suggests that individuals, especially if they have dogs or other active pets, carefully examine the home for fleas and ticks. If there is evidence of invasion, Family Pest Control will use adulticides and insect growth regulators applied to all floor surfaces inside the home and to the entire lawn area to stop the infestation and prevent it from happening again. Even if you haven’t noticed any bugs, this may be a good preventative measure, especially during the summer flea and tick season in San Antonio.

Topical treatments are monthly insecticide medications that can include anything from flea collars to drops, or sprays like Fipronil. At Family Pest Control we prefer the pet owner to use Fipronil because it is an environmentally-safe, effective treatment that kills fleas and ticks before they even have a chance to lay their eggs. Systemic treatments, on the other hand, generally come in pill form or as an injection, but are also effective flea and tick killers.

To learn more about whether home and yard flea treatments are right for you, contact our exterminators at Family Pest Control by visiting our website at or by calling 210-681-5094 today!


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