How We Reach Rodents in Walls

Apr 12, 2018

Families often find that rodents nest within their walls as a way to keep their families safe from local threats. This can be a significant challenge for homeowners looking to safeguard their properties. And it’s why so many turn to Family Pest Control for guidance on the problem. In this latest post, we’ll explain how rodent removal experts reach and remove rodents in walls.

a rat crawling out of a crack in the wall inside of a san antonio texas home
  • Drill A Hole In The Wall
    The first part of the process involves drilling a small hole in the wall to determine the precise location of the mice within the structure of the home.
  • Place Traps Inside The Cavity
    Our team will examine the interior of the wall space and then, where possible, place traps along the interior of the wall.
  • Run Traps Along The Wall
    We then run traps along the base of the wall that are designed to entice the rodent out of hiding with tempting foods.
  • Return To Traps In The Next 48-Hours
    In the following 48 hours, we’ll return to the traps to look for rodents that have been caught. Oftentimes, this process helps capture all rodents within a short period of time. We carefully remove all used traps and ensure the home is cleaned effectively, and all holes are sealed.

There are a number of professional strategies for dealing with rodents in the walls of your family home. To learn more on the removal process, contact your rodent removal experts at Family Pest Control directly today!


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