How You Can Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home With Family Pest Control's Mosquito Control - San Antonio, TX

Jul 19, 2017

It is commonly known that mosquitoes make their homes in still, outdoor water. But did you know that mosquitoes can make their way inside your home as well? There are plenty of natural remedies for keeping mosquitoes away from your houses like homemade citronella candles, lavender body oil, neem oil, bats, or by creating a mosquito trap made from CO2 and a soda bottle.

a mosquito biting the neck of a san antoino texas residential homeowner

But in order to get rid of your intruders for good, it is important to take more drastic measures and use the help of a professional pest removal company like Family Pest Control. From rodent removal to mosquito control, San Antonio residents who choose our services will not be disappointed because we not only stop your infestations but keep them from coming back.

How Does Family Pest Control Eliminate Mosquitoes?

San Antonio is home to over 70 species of mosquito and every time you open and close a door or window in your home, you risk letting these mosquitoes in. The problem with this is that mosquitoes are annoying little pests who can drive you crazy with itches. Not only that, but mosquitoes are often known for carrying dangerous diseases, like the dreaded West Nile virus, which can be fatal.

Family Pest Control identifies the most common places that mosquitoes like to make their homes and apply pyrethroid insecticides and insect growth hormones to these hidden surfaces. In doing so, we are able to eliminate approximately 95% of your mosquito infestation, including the Asian tiger mosquito (popular in Texas).

If you are still not sure about using the services of a professional company like Family Pest Control to eliminate your mosquito problem, there are still certain measures you can take:

  • Turn on fans (they make it hard for mosquitos to fly).

  • Eliminate standing water.

  • Use bug wipes/bug spray/bug sunscreen.

To find out more about Family Pest Control and the many ways you can get rid of mosquitoes including our mosquito control, San Antonio residents can visit their website today at or call them directly at 210-681-5094.


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