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Mar 30, 2017

Total Lawn & Greenscape Protection Services

Protecting and maintaining the health of your valuable landscaping is a natural offshoot of Family Pest Control’s services. Outdoor insect and mite populations can explode overnight when conditions permit. Responding to pest emergencies as they occur can be ineffective and costly. Monthly preventative treatment is a far better approach to lawn and plantscape health. Our treatments include environmentally low-impact chemicals, “organic” brews, high-quality slow-release fertilizers and humic acid additions. We apply soil surfactant (wetting agent) periodically to increase your soil’s water-holding capacity—reducing water run-off. Call on our experts to help create and maintain a gorgeous, weed-free lawn and healthy shrubs and trees.

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Lawn treatments are scheduled about every six weeks throughout the growing season. Four to six pounds of organic, slow release Nitrogen is applied per year, as are pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control products. Disease and lawn insect chemicals are used to prevent pest damage to the grass before any problems get out of control. Our careful choice of chemicals ensures that only the targeted insect or disease-causing organism is controlled, and other harmless or beneficial creatures are not harmed. Periodic wetting agents and organic nutrients are added to improve the lawn’s soil structure and water holding properties.


Monthly lawn treatments and monitoring are provided through Spring, Summer and Fall. Fertilizer and weed herbicide rates are better controlled, producing a more consistent look of health and beauty to our lawns. Shrub, flower, and small tree care is included in this expanded GreenScape care package. All your planted grasses and plants are protected from spider mites, scales, aphids, grub worms, chinch bugs, mildew and fungus disease, worms, snails and beetles. Imagine enjoying a beautiful yard all year long without having to work harder than you have time for, and all for about the same cost you probably spend on over-the-counter fertilizers, insecticides and weed-killers.


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