Maintenance Services

Apr 5, 2017

Pest Control Cleanout:

Treatment includes coverage of all closets, plumbing cabinets, garage, along baseboards, cracks, and crevices, and ceiling corners. A ten foot “Barrier of Defense” will be power sprayed around your home’s perimeter. All decking and patios will be treated, as well as the attic.

a family pest control service technician inspecting a san antonio texas home for bed bugs

Quarterly Maintenance:

Treatment is the same as the Pest Control Cleanout with the exception of treating the attic. Quarterly Services are performed only after an initial Pest Control Cleanout, and then on a regular 3 month schedule.

Total Yard Treatment:

Treatment consists of an application of a residual pesticide to all areas of the lawn and under shrubs and trees.

Flea Treatment:

Application of a combination of several long-residual pesticides and an insect growth regulator inside your home and in the yard. Kills adult biting fleas, and prevents eggs and pupa from developing into adults.

Fire Ant Treatment:

One year warranty against the return of fire ant nests in your yard and shrub/flower beds

Carpenter Ant Treatment:

All roof eaves, window casings, bedding mulch and nearby trees and shrubs are treated with a non-repellant pesticide to ensure that enough poison is carried by the worker ants to be fed to the queen and her brood. The attic is also treated.

Termite Treatments:

Price customized to fit your preferences and structure of home.

Mosquito Control:

High velocity mist application of insecticide to the underside of foliage throughout your yard. Reduces population by 95% to 75% for one month.

Lawn and Ornamentals:

Fertilization (granular) – Disease Control & Prevention – Insect Control – Weed Control & Prevention


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