Our Pest Control Team Highlights Pests Unique To Texas

Feb 17, 2018

The warm and dry temperatures throughout Texas brings us a unique climate and helps form the ideal habitat for a number of pests. In Texas, there are a number of creatures not found anywhere else across the country and this might mean homeowners moving to the area have to learn a little more on what to expect when they require pest removal services. In this latest post, we take a look at several of the pests that are unique to the state of Texas.

a texas rat snake slithering in a tree branch in texas

Red Imported Fire Ant

Most Texans know of the dangers posed by fire ants. These creatures can injure small animals and children, and their bite can be painful. One of the newest species of fire ant introduced to the Texas region is the red imported fire ant. The pest is smaller than other fire ants, but they are exceptionally aggressive. They can be identified by their dark brown color and their mounds, which are wider than a dinner plate at their base and are often quite tall, up-to 24 inches in height.

Texas Recluse Spider

A relative of the known brown recluse spider, the Texas recluse spider is a species growing in number across the state. The spider has a distinctive eye pattern, with six eyes arrange in three pairs. They are light brown in color and usually don’t have any markings on their bodies. Their behavior tends to be quite submissive, and they’re fearful of humans. However, like all recluse species they are known to bite when provoked and their bite can be quite painful and cause on-going pain issues for young children and the elderly.

Texas Rat Snakes

The Texas rat snake is a sub-species of the rat snake found throughout the southeastern parts of the United States. One of the challenges with this species is they are adaptable to their environment. They can climb and swim in search of prey. And they prefer to eat birds and insects. While they pose no specific danger to humans, they can damage home structures and they may pose a danger to small pets.

By learning more on the creatures commonly found throughout Texas, you can quickly identify a pest control issue and ensure the pest is met with the optimal removal service. Our team is ready to help respond to all pest challenges. Call us today.


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