Pest Control Suggests The Following DIY Lawn Care Tips For Low-Water Environments

Aug 11, 2017

Water is one of the most essential elements, without which life would cease to exist. That is why it is important for us to conserve our water supply and only use what is necessary for our lawns. In hot climates like in San Antonio, Texas, there is often not enough water to spare on lawns. That is why Family Pest Control encourages homeowners to consider the following care tips.

a san antonio texas residential homeowner mowing the lawn of their home

Water Conservation Lawn Care Tips

1. Don’t rake away your lawn clippings.

2. Mow your grass at the proper height and make sure not to cut it too short.

3. Count on Mother Nature to water your lawn with rain when possible.

4. When using a hose, be sure to water slowly.

5. Make sure your sprinklers only water your greenery and not unnecessary areas like driveways or sidewalks.

6. Use an efficient irrigation system.

7. Water your lawn early in the morning.

8. Use rainwater that has collected on your roof.

To find out more about what you can do to save water or learn about our lawn care services, San Antonio residents can visit the Family Pest Control website at or call 210-681-5094. No matter how big or small your infestation, we will eradicate the intruders safely and effectively.


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