Rodent Removal Services - Recognize The Signs Of Infestation In Your Home Before It Gets Out Of Control

Aug 24, 2017

Did you know that there are a wide variety of rodents that live in Texas? There are many potential rodents that can be making their homes in your house or apartment - trust a professional to help you prevent infestations.

Although there are approximately 64 species of rodents that occupy San Antonio and the surrounding area, the most common of these critters are the Norway rat and the house mouse. Unfortunately, mice and rats are notoriously fast breeders. Consider the following, “a pair of brown rats can produce as many as 2,000 descendants in a year”. That is why it is so important to recognize the common signs of mice and rats and remove the infestation, otherwise you may be living in a rodent kingdom before you know it.

mice eating cereal in the pantry of a san antonio texas home

Tell-Tale Signs Of Rats & Mice

To identify whether or not you have rodents, consider the following signs of rat and mouse infestation:

  • Smaller rodents will not really show very many indicators that they are occupying your home. Look for burrowing entrances around the inside and outside of your home that are approximately 2-4 inches in diameter if you suspect you have mice.

  • Moderately sized rodents, on the other hand, will not only burrow but also leave small droppings and gnaw markings around the house. Bigger rodents will also come out at night (between 10pm and 1am) and make faint squeaking and scurrying noises (especially in the attic), so make sure to keep an ear open.

  • Really big rodents are hard to miss. If you have a big rat infestation, then you probably have already seen one. If not, other tell-tale signs include gnawed up electrical wires, ducts, pipes, and outdoor siding. Big rodents also make a lot of noise that you will be able to hear in your ceiling and walls. To make sure if you have rats, shine a flashlight into your attic during the middle of the night. When you turn on your light, look for the light’s reflection to find the glistening eyes of the rats.

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