Springtime Nesting Habits Of Wasps

Feb 28, 2018

By understanding more on insect behavior, you can respond adeptly when you encounter a problem with insects such as wasps within your home. Our team has great experience in studying wasp behavior and responding to challenges with refined pest control techniques. In this latest post, our San Antonio pest control team takes a look at the springtime nesting habits of wasps.

a yellow jacket wasp on a pink flower outside of a home in san antonio texas

In Springtime, They Build New Nests
In the springtime, wasps begin to build their new nests ready for the summer. As temperatures become warmer, the queens are seeking out their ideal building spot. To escape the cool temperatures, they might enter homes and build nests under roof overhangs and within attic spaces. They enter through holes in screen doors and open windows.

The Danger in the Home
At this time of the year, wasp colonies are growing in number. This means that, if homeowners are not keenly aware of a potential issue, it could grow to a significant problem in the summer. By building an effective pest control response now San Antonio homeowners can remove the queen wasps and their small colonies from their property before the nest builds and grows to thousands.

It’s important to take a proactive stance on wasp removal at this time of year. To learn more on the removal process and on the signs that wasps have made a nest in your home, call our trusted insect experts today.


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