The Dangers Of Mice In The Family Home

Apr 6, 2018

While it might not seem as if they can pose too much danger due to their small stature and relatively timid behavior, mice are a significant threat within the home. The San Antonio rodent removal experts at Family Pest Control have decades of experience in mitigating mice infestation issues. And within this latest article, their team explains the lasting damage that mice can cause when they infest local properties.

a mouse eating bread inside of a san antonio texas home
  • Spread Of Deadly Diseases
    One of the most common dangers caused by mice and their feces is that they can spread deadly disease. They transmit diseases such as the Hantavirus and leptospirosis through their bite and saliva. And this can often mean they have a deadly impact on the average home. Another way in which disease can spread is through family pets, which come into contact with mice and their droppings. Mouse-spread viruses have been known to sicken and kill cats and dogs across the country.
  • Damage To Wiring
    Another way in which mice can have a deadly impact on the average North American home is through the damage they can cause to wiring. When trying to find the ideal place in the home to nest, mice will chew through wiring that connects the home to the exterior grid. This can mean that loose wiring is left within walls. The wiring still retains a live connection to the power grid and when a homeowner turns the power on, they may cause a fire if the heated wiring comes into contact with structural elements within the home.
  • Disruptions To Home Life
    Another less impactful way in which mice can cause problems throughout the home is through their general movement throughout the day and night. Mice will be more active during the nighttime. And this can make it very difficult for adults and their children to sleep. Over time, this lack of sleep can begin to affect the homeowner’s work and their social activities, preventing them from enjoying their life.
  • How To Safeguard The Home
    Now that the dangers that mice can cause within the home are clear, it’s critical to take a proactive approach to removing the issue. The first step homeowners can take to protect their property and their families is to call a local San Antonio rodent removal firm. The company can then analyze the property and determine how best to remove the mouse infestation for the long-term.

The team at Family Pest Control has significant experience within San Antonio rodent removal work. To discuss a removal project with their team, contact them directly at 210-681-5094 or visit their business website at


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