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Aug 26, 2017

We have all heard about the dangers of bed bugs - if even one little bug attaches itself to you, you’re done. While there are no direct health risks associated with bed bug bites, a full-blown infestation can have a disastrous effect on your mental health. This is because bed bugs make their home in the most private and intimate place - your bed. For most individuals, this is enough of a reason to receive bed bug removal services, but other people may not mind/be allergic to the bites. Even if you are okay with your new roommates, exterminating your bed bug problem early on is essential; otherwise they will keep multiplying and you might be stuck with the little critters for a really long time.

a bed bug crawling on human skin inside of a san antonio texas home

Negative Side Effects

There are many negative side effects to having bed bugs, despite the fact that they’re obviously intruding in your space.

  • Sometimes individuals are so overwhelmed with their problem that they will do absolutely anything they can to take care of it. Instead of using poisonous chemicals and other techniques that may negatively affect your health, just make one simple call to an extermination company.

  • Moreover, living with bed bugs can have negative psychological effects and prevent you from sleeping regularly at night.

  • Even after individuals rid themselves of bed bugs, they might still be affected by the turmoil they just faced. Bed bug hysteria is a real, post-bed bug condition that can plague you for as long as a few years. Individuals who are affected by this hysteria think bed bugs are everywhere including their sheets and all over their skin.

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