The Importance Of Controlling Leaf Litter This Fall

Feb 10, 2018

Fall is upon us, complete with the iconic colors of fallen leaves. While images of pumpkins, warm sweaters, and hot chocolate may dance through your mind as you gaze at the beauty of Autumn colors, dangers may potentially be brewing under the unkempt leaf litter and pest control in Stone Oak, TX, may become necessary to protect your home. Family Pest Control has prepared three reasons to control the leaf litter around your home.

leaves on the grass during the fall season in stone oak texas
  1. Fallen Leaves Make Ideal Habitats
    A blanket of orange, yellow, and red may invoke pleasant memories of childhood frivolity, but they can actually harbor dangerous pests. Leaves, when left where they lay, trap heat next to the soil. This creates the perfect place for snakes, insects, and other pests to live.
  2. Leaves Encourage Pest Breeding
    Leaves create a warm, sheltered home for many creatures both beneficial and potentially harmful. Unfortunately, harmful pests, such as poisonous spiders, scorpions, and snakes can pose a danger to loved ones, particularly small children who can’t resist a good leaf pile. The near perfect habitat encourages pests to breed out of the watchful eye of homeowners. If populations grow too large, these harmful pests will seek out other shelters, such as your home.
  3. Leaves Supply An Abundance Of Food For Pests
    Removing food sources is one of the more important aspects of pest control in Stone Oak, TX, and a yard full of colorful leaves is a buffet of yummy goodness for a whole slew of harmful pests. Not only do insects feed on the decomposing leaf matter, but those insects feed bigger pests such as rats, and snakes eat rats, creating an ecosystem in and of itself.

The best way to prevent this type of pest problem is to remove fallen leaves regularly throughout the fall. Caution should be used when working with large amounts or older leaf fall, as these are the ideal places for snakes to hide. While raking leaves this fall, keep an eye out for other signs your yard may be harboring hidden pests. These signs can include:

  • Small holes in the yard
  • Webs or a concentration of dead bugs.
  • Sawdust-like deposits at the base of wooden fixtures

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