The Latest Fall Pest Control Tips For Live Oak, TX Homeowners

Dec 10, 2017

It’s that time of the year again when your home can be the welcome shelter for wild animals. With cooler temperatures arriving, are you ready to address pest issues in and around your property? In this latest post, we’ll help you get ready for the fall season with pest control tips to protect your Live Oak, TX home.

a rat inside of a salad bowl in a live oak texas residential kitchen

Check Clothes and Bedding

Fall is a common season for bed bug infestations, and so homeowners must check their bedding for signs of an infestation. Common signs of bed bugs include rust-colored spots on bedding, as well as an offensive musty odor within the room.

Clear Food Scraps from the Kitchen

Just a few crumbs left on the kitchen counter can invite mice and rats into the home. Once they’re inside, they can be exceptionally difficult to remove. Simply clean up all scraps of food in your kitchen and make sure cupboards are cleaned regularly. Remember also to remove pet food from open areas during the evening, as this can also invite pests into the home.

Cover Gaps in Windows for High-Efficiency Pest Prevention

Gaps in your window areas could be allowing both cool air and small pests inside. Make sure any holes in your window framing are repaired and use additional weather stripping to patch small holes.

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