The Sudden & Phenomenal Increase Of Bed Bug Infestations In Texas Homes

Jul 27, 2017

As children, we can all probably remember being told to "Sleep tight" and "Not let the bed bugs bite" - a sinister saying that only reminded us that in addition to our fictional fears like ghosts or the boogeyman, we could also potentially be sharing our sheets with real, crafty little pests whose sole purpose is to bite our skin and drink our blood. Unfortunately for San Antonio residents, bed bugs have finally reached Texas and they are now reproducing at an alarming rate. One common misconception about bed bugs is that they only live in cluttered and unkempt places. In actuality, bed bugs do not discriminate against their hosts and can be transferred to the finest homes and begin to breed quite well even in the cleanest of beds.

a bed bug crawling on human skin inside of a san antonio texas home

It is often difficult to determine whether or not you have an infestation because bed bugs are good hiders and many people are not allergic to their bites. If you suspect you have bed bugs check your sheets and mattress lining for any potential evidence of infestation: small blood spots on the linens, small black grains of "dirt" in the mattress and box spring seams, and even sightings of reddish tick-like bugs crawling over the sheets. The sudden appearance of red, itchy welts on parts of your skin are also a good indicator that you have already been some bug’s tasty snack.

It is important to identify whether you have bed bugs early on because they can stay alive for several months without food. If even one bed bug or egg is left alive, homeowners may experience the infestation all over again. This is a huge problem for apartment residents because it means that every single bed bug in the adjoining apartments must be exterminated before individuals can finally sleep soundly. Although bed bugs do not carry disease or deteriorate the well-being of their hosts, they sure are annoying and can have a negative effect on your psyche. In more extreme cases, some people living with bed bugs experience hysteria; even after their infestations have been completely eradicated they continue to see imaginary bugs all around them and feel them running up and down their skin.

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