The Types Of Ants Found In The Southwestern United States

Jan 22, 2018

By understanding more on ant species and their behavior, homeowners can protect their families against some of the common problems local area ants may cause. The specialists at Family Pest Control have many years’ experience in ant control throughout the San Antonio region. In their latest article, they highlight the types of ants found throughout the southwestern United States, and the impact these ants can have on local families.

carpenter ants outside of a home in san antonio texas

Red Imported Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants are found primarily in the southern United States, across California and Texas. They pose a specific danger to children, pets and people working in their yard areas throughout the year as they have a painful sting. Red imported fire ants are known to attack when their nests are disturbed, and so homeowners may inadvertently be stung when simply mowing their lawn or walking throughout their yard areas. Homeowners should watch for dome-shaped mounds near to their property and tree areas and have their local San Antonio ant control specialist treat the yard with the chemical, fipronil. Fipronil is an environmentally sound treatment that keeps fire ants from nesting in your yard for one full year – Guaranteed!

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are found throughout Texas and can be a nuisance within the home. Because carpenter ants nest in dead trees and other forms of wood, they can cause significant damage to home structures, potentially weakening wall areas and framing around windows. The carpenter ant prefers nesting in damp wood, and so homeowners can mitigate the chances of an infestation by removing any damp wood from their property. Carpenter ants also have a strong bite that may cause a skin reaction. Because they establish many satellite nests across properties, it’s important to work with an ant control expert to ensure they are completely eradicated from the home.

Crazy Ants

With their butterscotch to black coloring and erratic behavior, crazy ants have become a common menace in homes across Texas. While crazy ants don’t bite, they do have a significant number of negative effects on home properties. That’s because they are known for infesting electronic equipment and home hardware such as air conditioners. They quickly find small areas within the equipment and make their way through wiring and other components, causing short circuits and a host of other home issues. Crazy Ants can also have a devastating effect on local creatures by consuming their eggs and newly born juveniles.Removing crazy ants from the home can be an exceptionally challenging process. By speaking directly with a local area San Antonio ant control specialist, homeowners can create a strategy that ensures swift and effective removal.

Nuisance Ants

Some species of ants do not cause significant property damage, but their persistent presence in kitchens, bathrooms and garages during certain times of the year can be disturbing. In San Antonio, we have frequent unwanted visits from pharaoh ants, Argentine ants and rover ants. We often refer to these ant types as “sugar” or “piss” ants due their small size and tendencies to show up in our sugar bowls and toasters. These insects have to be treated both from the outside and inside of the home. Baits and specifically targeted insecticides are used to eliminate these ant colonies.

With the information highlighted here in this article, property owners can begin to assess and remove the ant problems within their property. To discover more on expert ant control, speak with the team at Family Pest Control.


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