Three Tips For Isolating And Avoiding Scorpions In The Home

Jan 25, 2018

Our team of seasoned removal specialists has many years’ experience responding to home scorpion issues. We know that scorpions can pose a significant danger to both families and their pets, and so we’ve outlined several ways to isolate and avoid scorpions before the local removal team arrives. Here, we’ll offer our three scorpion control tips for San Antonio homeowners.

a scorpions crawling on a leaf outside of a home in san antonio texas
  1. Close Rooms Within The Home
    Once you’ve identified the scorpion is within your home. It’s important to quickly isolate the area and keep pets away. If the insect is within the main living space, move all furniture away and make sure that you give the scorpion room. Place your pets in a location with a closed door while you wait for the removal company to arrive.
  2. Choosing A Specialist Removal Company
    It’s important the scorpion control company you select has significant experience in dealing with scorpions in the family home. The scorpion sting can be exceptionally painful, and it requires a careful hand to trap the insect within the home space and then remove it from the property.
  3. Focus On Avoidance
    Once the scorpion has been removed from your home, there are a few things you can do to prevent a recurring problem. For example, you can remove all brush and wood from the exterior of the home space. This ensures the scorpions don’t have a hiding space close to your home. You can also seal all windows and doors, as these are the two leading areas scorpions will use to access the home.

Our trusted San Antonio scorpion control team is now ready to help you quickly remove scorpions from your family property. Call us today to learn more about our services.


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