Total Yard Treatments

Apr 8, 2017

Barrier of Defense

Treatment consists of an application of a residual pesticide to all areas of the lawn and under shrubs and trees. Yard treatments extend the perimeter “Barrier of Defense” against crawling insects such as nuisance ants, scorpions and centipedes. Once the chemical spray has dried—within 1 to 3 hours— children and pets can safely return.

a deer tick crawling on a plant outside of a home in san antonio texas

Flea & Tick Prevention

Flea eggs are found deep under the dead leaf portion of the lawn, often referred to as “thatch”. In order to get our chemicals to penetrate this dense layer, we use wetting agents and a higher volume of water carrier to power spray our combination of long-residual adulticides and insect growth hormones into the thatch layer. The adulticides will continue to kill fleas and ticks for several weeks, while the growth hormones will keep their hatching eggs from surviving for up to 5 months.

Repeat applications are sometimes necessary. Family Pest Control charges half the original treatment price for re- applications performed within 2 months of the initial treatment.

Lawn Fertilization/ Weed Control

FAMILY has over 30 years of expert lawn and greenscape treatments experience. We know the best products to use on your San Antonio lawn, and we know the right timing for those applications. Our full line of lawn care products and treatments are very effective at improving a lawns health and vigor. Unsightly weeds are effectively controlled as well, and our applications can provide you with dollar savings on water usage and will keep your lawn grass from succumbing to drought during severe water restrictions.

Occasional Insect and/or Disease Infestation

Family Pest Control has one-time treatments for the control and prevention of pest and disease situations that may occur periodically in your lawn throughout the year. Grub Worms, Chinch Bugs, Fire Ants, Brown Patch Disease and Grey Mold are common pest problems in our San Antonio lawns. All those, and other less typical lawn problems can be cured – and FAMILY offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our services.

Trust Family Pest Control to Care for Your Lawn As If It Was Our Own!


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