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Feb 15, 2017

Family Pest Control’s Customized Solutions for Cockroach Elimination

Family Pest Control uses the newer non-repellent classes of insecticides for cockroach control. These chemicals will not chase the pests from one area to the next, but rather steadily kills the insects where they eat and breed. Combined with insect growth hormones, baits, and desiccant dusts, Family Pest Control can guarantee excellent control of Cockroaches from your San Antonio home. We treat every room and closet, as well as the attic and outside perimeter. Treating the full yard several times during the year will also help tremendously with keeping outside roach populations under control.

a cockroach crawling inside of a home in san antonio texas

Knowledge of Pest Breeding Sites is Crucial to Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can be divided into two groups – indoor breeding and outdoor breeding types. The German Roach and the American Roach (sometimes referred to as Palmetto Bugs, Water Roaches and Flying Roaches) are the two most commonly found species of cockroaches found in our San Antonio homes. Both of these species can breed very well inside of a home.

The German Roach is particularly adapted to surviving in between walls, in cabinets and closets, and they multiply in large numbers very quickly. They often can be found in cluttered and unclean kitchens, however, even well-sanitized houses can harbor German Roaches due to the fact that they can be brought inside with paper grocery bags, shipped items in cardboard boxes, and from neighboring homes.

The American cockroach is large and can fly. They primarily live and breed outdoors, but will also breed indoors if they can find a consistent source of water and higher humidity. Often they find their way into homes through door and window openings, but also come in through our attics and basements, or crawl spaces under the house.

Examples of outdoor breeding roaches include the Oriental Roach and the Smokey Brown roach. These cockroaches live and breed in plant mulch and under rocks, wood piles and sheds. Hot or cold weather conditions will drive many of them into our homes as they seek shelter and water. They cannot survive for long in the low humid air produced by central A/C installed equipment, and therefore these species of roaches are only a problem when their populations explode outdoors and become an unsightly nuisance around our gardens and swimming pools.

Advanced Chemistry Combined with Professional Training

Cockroaches can be controlled, and even eliminated, from your home. FAMILY’s 35 years of experience and knowledge has been proven over and over again to hundreds of households that cockroach control can be obtained in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!


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