Why You Should Have A Texas Rodent Removal Professional Deal With Rodent Droppings

Mar 15, 2018

Rodents can have a significant impact on your home.  They can chew through wires and dry wall spaces. They can cause noise at night, keeping you awake and frustrating the entire family. But perhaps the most dangerous impact on your property is due to their droppings. In this latest post, we’ll explain why you should have a Texas rodent removal expert clean up rodent droppings.

a family pest control service technician treating the exterior of a san antonio texas home for rodents


Some of the most common species of rat in the United States carry deadly diseases such as the hantavirus. The virus is transmitted to humans when they inhale airborne particles from rodent droppings. It’s critical to call a specialist the moment you spot rodent droppings in the home to prevent the transmission of diseases and safeguard your family members.

Attracting Other Rodents

One of the most difficult challenges associated with a rodent infestation is that, once other rodents smell the droppings or urine of the animals inside your home, they too will try to enter the property. This can mean that, if you allow droppings to remain in the home over a period of time, you’re likely to experience a significant infestation in a quick time frame.

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