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Stop carpenter ant damage with help from Family

Carpenter ants are a real hazard for people living in the great state of Texas.  As the human population of San Antonio blooms, so does its number of carpenter ants.  Known for rapidly moving in, creating nests inside wood and hollow sections of foundations, and being shockingly resilient, there are over a thousand different species of carpenter ants! 

The most common around here are red and black carpenter ants but, with numbers and resiliency as mentioned above, it’s a wonder that more people don’t call for our experts from Family Pest Control more often! If you’ve discovered large ants in your home, our San Antonio pest control company is ready to help get rid of carpenter ants.

Our carpenter ant control process

In business since 1981, we’re no strangers to carpenter ants, and we have a comprehensive process for finding, eliminating, and preventing carpenter ant infestations.

san antonio exterminator inspecting for carpenter ants

Carpenter ant inspection

Expect the most thorough of carpenter ant inspection services from our experienced technicians.  We’ll come and conduct a full interior and exterior inspection to determine if carpenter ants are a problem for you. 

After assessing the severity of your infestation, we’ll figure out the extent of the damage so any future issues do not blindside you. 

Once our technicians deliver their fully-comprehensive report to you, they’ll work with you to determine the best course of action.

exterior treatment for carpenter ants

One-time carpenter ant treatment

A licensed technician will treat the exterior of your house first, preventing further exposure to the various colonies that you likely have living on your property. 

We’ll treat the foundation, gutters, window and door frames, as well as any landscaping that may be harboring these unwanted pests.

Our technicians know that the ground level of your home is not the only exposure point.  We’ll dust treat your attic storage space, and treat shrub and tree bases, as well as fence lines.  Prevention is as important as initial removal.


Family Pest Control's carpenter ant control warranty

All carpenter ant treatments are one-time services that come with a six-month warranty.  If ants come back within six months of our departure, we will, too!


Carpenter ant frequently asked questions

How much does carpenter ant control cost?
Pricing for our one-time carpenter ant treatments start at $285 for up to 3,000 square feet of floor space.  Cost typically increases an additional $10 per 1000 square feet for structures over 3,000 square feet. Contact us for more information about carpenter ant control pricing for your home!

How can you tell the difference between carpenter ants and termites?
Many people struggle to determine whether they’re dealing with carpenter ants or termites.  The main difference between the two is that termites eat wood and carpenter ants don’t.  Look for holes where ants may bore into wood, leaving behind a pile of sawdust.

Proper identification is a must when it comes to carpenter ants and termites.  The method for eliminating carpenter ants is different than termite control solutions. 

What does carpenter ant damage look like?
The most telling sign is sawdust from ants creating tunnels in the wood.  They can establish full colonies with intricate tunnels, leaving wooden foundations weak and unstable.

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