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Professional treatments for pests, diseases & weeds

Lawn pests, untreated disease and weeds, and moisture issues are some of the most overlooked situations that plague property owners.  As a company that has been treating lawns in the San Antonio area for over 37 years, our experts know that just how much havoc these conditions can wreak on properties and are ready to help homeowners whose lawns have been taken over by pests, disease, and weeds.

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Lawn pest control

The experts at Family Pest Control know that every lawn is different. Everything from soil composition to sun exposure to the type of greenery, can influence the kind of lawn pests you have. Chiggers, grub worms, and chinch bugs can all be among the pests that plague your lawn.

Our experts will perform a full evaluation and inspection to determine which unwanted critters could be plaguing your property. We will customize a treatment and protection plan to best suit your lawn and submit it to you for your approval.

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Lawn disease & weed control

In Texas, we enjoy some of the best weather in the country. This climate breeds unbelievable crops, plants, and flowers. Unfortunately, our beautiful climate also breeds lawn and plant disease. As soon as you notice weeds and brown patches, we should begin treatment

We offer solutions that are customizable, based on your location and situation. We also provide pre-emergent weed treatments in the spring and fall. These season-specific treatments prevent unwanted weeds from germinating. Our technicians can also provide you with post-emergent treatments four times a year, to keep your lawn healthy and your gardens free of unwanted weeds or diseased plants.

san antonio pest control pro inspecting lawn

Moisture control

Our licensed experts are well-versed in moisture control. We can help prepare your soil to receive rain and irrigation water more efficiently.

In the San Antonio area you never know when you may be dealing with a drought.

Our moisture control products and devices can improve the health of your yard by making the rainwater that does fall on your property far more efficient.


Lawn pest & disease control frequently asked

How much does Family Pest Control’s lawn pest and disease control services cost?
We’d be happy to come out and provide you with a free estimate. This service is all about customization, providing you with the best package possible for your unique situation.

What is brown patch?
Think of brown patch as a rash in your yard. It’s a disease caused by a type of fungus, and is most common during cool seasons. If left unchecked, brown patch can destroy entire yards.


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