What do house mice look like?

House mice are a small species of mice. They range in size from only about two to three inches. Their fur can be brown, grey, or even black. The fur on their stomachs is lighter in color than the rest of their bodies. They have fur on their tails, which makes them different from other mice. House mice have large ears that allow them to hear well.

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Are house mice dangerous?

House mice can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. House mice may carry fleas and ticks into your house. They are also carriers of diseases, and transmit bacteria through their urine and feces. House mice have an innate need to gnaw, and are non-discriminatory when chewing. They can chew through your favorite antique holiday decorations or your electrical wires, risking extensive damage or fires.

How do I know if I have a problem with house mice?

Usually, the first indicator that you have a problem with house mice is finding droppings. If mice have been busy roaming your house at night, you may wake up to find droppings on your counters or in your kitchen drawers. You may also find chewed packages of food or holes in your pantry items. Sometimes you may hear mice scurrying about between your walls or in your attic. Occasionally, you may see one running along your baseboards.

Can I buy mouse traps to solve the problem on my own?

DIY methods for catching mice rarely work. If you are lucky, you may catch a few mice in a sticky trap, but then you must figure out what to do with a live, entrapped mouse. Snap traps can work if you can trick mice into taking the bait. Many times, they either avoid the trap or get the bait without the trap going off. With traps you are also not addressing the problem of how mice are getting in, so others are likely to continue to be a problem, even if you catch a few.

How do I get rid of house mice?

Professional pest control is your most effective method for getting rid of house mice. Family Pest Control offers professional rodent control that includes an initial service visit where we install mouse traps in high (rodent) traffic areas. Traps are not set at this time, allowing mice to investigate traps and get used to their presence. On the follow up visit, we set traps and advise whether further action is necessary.

Does Family have any mice prevention tips?

Family pest control offers several tips for preventing mice:

  • Seal holes and cracks in your home to exclude mice.
  • Install door sweeps to keep pests out.
  • Keep your trash tightly covered with a snug lid.
  • Clean up spills, vacuum crumbs, and eliminate clutter.
  • Store food, including pet food, in airtight containers.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.

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