Pest World for Kids

Great information for parents, kids, and educators on bugs, arachnids and more. Stories, videos, games, and other educational resources for kids K-8.

Texas A&M Field Guide to Common Insects

Detailed descriptions and photos of common insects from across Texas. Learn where these insects tend to live, what they eat, and if they’re helpful or a pest.

Texas Parks and Wildlife – Bites and Stings

Learn about common Texas insect bites & stings with First Aid recommendations for spiders, ticks & more.

Environmental Protection Agency – Pesticides

The EPA Pesticide page contains information on various types of pesticides, safety guidelines, and additional tips on preventing ants, roaches, and other common household pests.

National Pest Management Association

The National Pest Management Association works to provide helpful resources for consumers and members about pest control. Their library contains additional safety information on the usage of pesticides.