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Don’t let mice & rats take over your home, Family is here to help

Pest control doesn’t stop at insects. Family Pest Control has been waging war against rodents in San Antonio for nearly 40 years. House mouse, roof rat, and Norway rat populations are all a result of a booming industry, human population bursts, and carelessness with waste and garbage.

If you’re hearing activity in your walls, have discovered rodent droppings in your pantry or elsewhere in your home, contact the San Antonio rodent control experts at Family Pest Control right away.  We have the tools, products, and expertise to solve your rodent problem, no matter how severe!

Our rodent control process

We’re no stranger to the unfortunate rodent problems our customers frequently have. To make our customers feel like family, we make it a point to include a complimentary follow-up visit in our standard rodent control service package.

Our package includes a comprehensive process for finding, eliminating, and preventing rodent infestations.

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Rodent inspection

We offer free inspections. For the first part of the inspection, our skilled technicians will complete a thorough investigation of your property.

We will examine every crack, crevice, cabinet, cupboard, and outbuilding. Determining what type(s) of rodents are active in your home and on your property, and how severe the infestation is, will dictate the type of treatment methods used.

The second part of the inspection determines how rodents are getting into your home, and the kinds of damage they’ve caused. We want you to know if you’re dealing with anything serious that needs immediate repair.

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Initial rodent treatment

The first treatments can take place on the same day of the inspection in order to get the quick results you need.

Our Family Pest Control professionals will install rodent traps where there is frequent activity.

The traps will not be set at this time so mice and rats can investigate the traps and get used to them.


Follow up treatment

On the second visit, a Family Pest Control technician will set the traps to catch your unwanted visitors. Some customers will reset their traps after a successful catch while others aren’t comfortable doing so. In these cases, Family Pest Control is happy to dispatch a professional to come out and take care of them for you.

During our follow up visit, we’ll also provide you with an estimate for the exclusion and possible rodent cleanup, if needed.

If extra service visits are necessary, we will bill customers separately.


Rodent control frequently asked questions

How much does rodent control cost?
Our pricing for rodent control starts at $299. This cost includes the initial service visit and two follow-ups and includes treatment for mice and/or rats.

If additional service visits are required beyond the two included in the base pricing, pricing is $85 per visit.

What is rodent exclusion?
Rodent exclusion is both reactionary and preventative. Reducing the conditions that may be attractive to mice and rats, and forcing them to move on, while preventing the potential for future infestations, is one of the most effective ways to rid an area of rodents.

Are rodent droppings dangerous?
Yes. Droppings can transmit dangerous bacteria and diseases to humans.

Rodent droppings are especially dangerous if they get into your food. Large amounts of excrement can even produce fumes that are toxic to humans or pets.

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