What type of scorpion is most common in south-central Texas?

Scorpions can be found throughout Texas, but the most common type found in homes and backyards is the striped bark scorpion. They may be found outside under rocks and wood clutter, such as boards and excess building material. In the home, they can be found hiding in shoes, under appliances, insides boxes, and in plant pots. Striped bark scorpions can climb, so looking in spaces that are up off the ground is recommended if you believe that you may have unwanted bark scorpions in your home. Attics are a good place to conduct a search.

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What do scorpions look like?

Striped bark scorpions are distinguishable from other common scorpions by their coloration, which consists of yellow or tan pincers, legs, and tail with dark brown striping along the abdomen. This species grows to about 2 3/8th inches long. Another important characteristic of this scorpion is its narrow tail.

Are scorpions dangerous?

All scorpions are venomous to some degree. Bark scorpions do have a strong, painful sting that may cause discomfort for up to several days. The injection site may swell and become itchy or numb. Pain and swelling will usually recede after three days, and is not known to cause lasting physical damage.

Why do I have scorpions in my home?

Scorpions often enter homes looking for safe places to hide during daylight hours. As they hunt at night, they may be attracted to your home by the presence of smaller insects on which they prey. Scorpions must be near a water source to survive, and damp crawl spaces can make your home an attractive place to live.

How do I get rid of scorpions?

Family offers a variety of pest control services and Home Protection plans that eradicate up to 20+ household pests, including scorpions. For more information, or if you suspect that you have a scorpion infestation, reach out to us and schedule a consultation with one of our trained professionals.

Family Pest’s scorpion prevention tips:

A few tips we can offer to help prevent scorpions:

  • Remove excess clutter and building material from around the perimeter of your home and yard to dissuade scorpions from moving in. If they have nowhere to hunt or to hide during daylight hours, they will most likely look for easier accommodations.
  • It is also recommended that, if you live in an area in which scorpions are commonly sighted, you inspect the outside of your home carefully for gaps and cracks where small insects, such as scorpions, may gain access to your dwelling space. These gaps and cracks should be caulked or sealed immediately.
  • It is helpful to keep the grass around the home trimmed neatly to discourage habitation by insects which can attract scorpions.

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