When Are Termites Active Around San Antonio?

There is a common belief that termite season begins in spring (when termite swarmers take to the air) and goes till the end of fall (when temperatures begin to drop) but the truth is that termites can damage homes in San Antonio all year long. They don't have a season. This is an important fact to consider when deciding how to protect your San Antonio home from termite damage. Since termites don't stop, neither should your termite control. Termite control isn't really a one-and-done kind of pest control. While we're certainly happy to give you a one-time termite service for your home (which is certainly better than nothing) the best solution to safeguard your equity from the destruction termites can cause is to have ongoing termite control service.

termite up close in san antonio

There are two primary ways termites are controlled by a licensed professional. Some pest control companies offer both options. They are liquid termiticide barrier treatments and termite bait systems. Both services can be 100% effective at controlling termites but they give the best level of protection when they are properly maintained.

Liquid Treatments

For more than half a century, the number-one way to protect property from the destructive impact of subterranean termites has been liquid termiticides. This protection is put in place by pouring and injecting termite control product into the ground around man-made structures. When done properly, and with the right product, termites that pass through the barrier become the death of the colony that sent them. The termite control product, which termites can't detect, is shared from termite to termite through grooming behavior. Slowly, it works its way back to the colony, one termite at a time, and the colony is eliminated. Sounds great, right? But, over time, liquid termiticide products break down, which can leave your home open to another attack because termite workers are relentless. For continued protection, you're going to need to reapply the termiticide around your home at some point. If you have an ongoing relationship with a pest control company, your termite protection won't run out of steam and leave your property at risk. Plus, with ongoing service, you get a yearly inspection from a trained termite control professional who knows where to look for termite warning signs and will let you know if your barrier is doing its job.

Bait Stations

In recent decades, termite bait solutions have become a powerful tool in the war on termites. This type of termite control uses discrete bait stations placed around man-made structures to eliminate termites and their colonies. When termites tunnel around in search of food, they find the bait. When you have the right termite bait system and the right bait, workers take the bait and share it with other termites in their colony through a process of sharing of fluids call trophallaxis. When they do, they become the death of their colony. If you choose a termite bait solution, you have the benefit of this product becoming more effective as it ages in the ground but your bait stations need to be checked routinely for termite activity, so termite pressures can be evaluated and new bait can be put into stations that have been compromised. If your home is attacked by a large colony or several colonies at once, most bait systems will not have enough active ingredient in their standard cartridges to handle this and your termite control technician will have to add more powerful bait cartridges to deal with this elevated threat. For this reason, most pest control companies offer an ongoing service that includes routine check-ups and inspections.
At Family Pest Control, we've been serving families in the Greater San Antonio area with the highest level of pest control for more than 33 years. We are licensed and trained by the Texas Structural Pest Control Service and our staff includes experienced professionals in chemistry, horticulture, wildlife control, household pest control and termite control and protection. When it comes to protecting your home from wood-destroying pests like the subterranean termite, don't settle for less than the best. Let our Angie's List Super Service award-winning team give you the right solution for your specific needs. Get started today by requesting an inspection. No San Antonio home should be without termite control!


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