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San Antonio – Home to 70 Species of Mosquitoes

West Nile Virus is carried primarily by several species of mosquitoes in the Culex family. These mosquitoes feed from dusk and into several hours after dark, primarily on birds, but also attack humans. They roost during the night, high in the upper canopy of trees on the underside of leaves. This presents a problem when attempting to treat the Culex mosquito, since it is difficult to reach the top of a tree’s foliage without causing significant chemical drift. The best control method is to treat stagnant water areas, or try to prevent water pools that hold water for over 2 weeks. Adult Culex mosquitoes live for about one month. Only the female mosquito feeds on blood, which is necessary for her to produce eggs.

In our area, the Asian Tiger Mosquito is numerous and potentially dangerous (Family Aedes). The Tiger aggressively seeks human and pet blood, and its bite can spread some diseases, such as dengue fever, equine encephalitis and heartworms. They feed both day and night.

Anopheles mosquitoes prefer clear water habitats. They live about 2 weeks and feed on humans and cattle. They carry the malaria parasite that kills more than 1 million people each year.

The Secret to Successful Mosquito Control

is to apply pyrethroid insecticides and insect growth hormones to the hidden surfaces where the insects roost at night — the undersides of leaves. We accomplish this with a high velocity mist blower. The air turbulence turns the leaves over so the insecticide coats the under-surface, killing mosquitos seeking shelter there. The Tiger mosquito also breeds in moist tree bark and yard clutter that holds any amount of water. Chemical Treatment plus eliminating any standing or trapped water will reduce up to 95% of mosquito activity for a month.