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Don't lose sleep over bed bugs

Bed bugs used to be something that parents teased children about when tucking them into bed. Our mother or father would tuck us in and say, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” We’d giggle and roll over to dream without a worry in the world. Unfortunately, there may have been some truth, and a hidden warning, in that playful message. 

Bed bugs weren’t something that people were afraid of until recently. Over the past couple of decades, the bed bug population has seemingly exploded.  If you’ve found signs of bed bugs or have discovered actual bed bugs in your home, contact Family Pest Control.  Serving San Antonio and surrounding areas, our team is ready to help you get rid of bed bugs!

Our bed bug control process

Family Pest Control has been treating customers like family since 1981. We’re no strangers to bed bugs and have a comprehensive process for finding, eliminating, and preventing bed bug infestations: 

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Bed bug inspection

It all starts here. One of our experienced, fully trained specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of your residence to determine if bed bugs are present, and identify the extent of the infestation. Upon conclusion of the inspection, our expert will deliver a full report, complete with suggestions for bed bug treatments. While the inspection costs $135, we waive this inspection fee for customers who decide to join our family and receive bed bug treatments from us. 

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Bed bug treatment

We aren’t going to reinvent the wheel. Family Pest Control uses tried and true methods to eliminate and prevent bed bugs. Our technicians thoroughly attack all areas of detected infestation as dictated by the inspection. Additionally, the technician will treat areas of interest like cracks, crevices, and other ideal surfaces where bed bugs hide and thrive. All pet beds, mattresses, and box spring encasements will be thoroughly treated, allowing you to sleep soundly without cause for concern. In most scenarios, we’ll set up bed bug monitors to keep tabs on the situation. 

Follow up visit

Bed bugs can be fickle and difficult to remove. A single treatment is often enough, but not always. A Family Pest Control technician will verify the elimination of bed bugs when he returns one weeks after the initial treatment. If there are signs of persistence, your technician will retreat areas of concern. A few weeks later, 30 days after the first treatment, your technician will return for a final time to prevent bed bugs for the foreseeable future. Family Pest Control technicians are armed with Aprehend® to prevent future problems. (Aprehend® is 100% safe for humans and their pets.)


Family Pest Control's bed bug warranty

Family Pest Control offers a complementary 6-month bed bug warranty. If bed bugs return within six months after the initial treatment, so do we at no charge.


Bed bug frequently asked questions

What are the treatment costs? 
Family Pest Control requires a $135 bed bug inspection fee but, if you choose us to eliminate and prevent bed bugs in your home, we will waive the inspection fee. For a single room treatment, a service ideal for studio apartments or an isolated infestation, the cost is $750. For a two-room treatment, suitable for the average apartment or a moderate outbreak, the price for bed bug treatment is $950. Beyond the initial offering plans, for each additional room treated we add $100 toward the final bill. For severe bed bug infestations, an entire home treatment starts at $1200. 

How do I know if I have bed bugs? 
The most common signs that you’ve got a bed bug infestation include: 

  • Red or brown stains on sheets or mattresses.
  • Dark spots on sheets or mattresses (excrement).
  • Small bumps or redness similar to a mild rash on your skin. 
  • Itching or swelling, usually in a red line on your skin.

How does Aprehend® kill and prevent bed bugs? 
Prevention is as important as initial elimination. Family Pest Control uses Aprehend® to kill and prevent bed bug infestations because it is a solution, formulated from a fungal disease, that only affects insects. Humans and their pets are unaffected! With a 24-hour germination period, the disease eradicates entire populations of bed bugs, as it’s highly contagious to the bugs. Inside of a week, the entire bed bug community will be dead. Treated surfaces remain protected for up to 3 months, ensuring that there will be no stragglers to repopulate and re-infest.

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