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As the weather has increasingly gotten warmer, there has simultaneously been an enormous influx of ticks and fleas breeding across the entire United States. Unfortunately, Texas is no exception to the increase of these pesky populations. These small but horrid terrors are not just an itchy nuisance, but carry with them an abundance of various viruses and diseases which are liable to cause major illnesses. If you have had the bad luck of being bitten by a tick, you need to be immediately tested for Lyme disease, which is quick to spread and can have long-term consequences.

Not only have tick-borne diseases been on the rise, doubling in the last dozen years, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, but so have illnesses carried by the growing population of fleas, steadily booming since 2014. The good news is that Family Pest Control LLC has been caring for families and individuals in the area as far back as 1981. When it comes to flea and tick control in San Antonio, we are familiar with the habits of these critters like the back of our hand, and even better at getting rid of them.

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How Our Flea & Tick Treatment Works

Because our experts are highly trained in recognizing hot spots for fleas and ticks, you can count on our specialists to come and root out these nasty problems. Once we identify where these parasites are living, we will treat these hiding spots to completely wipe out their population from your whole property.

Some of the key areas where fleas and ticks like to hide on your property include:

  • Areas that are shaded
  • Pet houses and mats
  • Spots with sandy soil
  • Fence lines
  • Areas with long grass

Once the treatment has been completed, our professionals will arm you with additional guidance, tips, and advice for how to make sure tick and flea infestations do not return to your home.

Costs of An Outdoor Flea & Tick Treatment

The first step of your treatment process is having a trained expert examine your property, who will identify all the hot beds for these pests, and then immediately start killing them, all for the low price of $195. This single cost covers the entirety of properties up until 5,000 square feet. Although there are over 900 distinct species of ticks, the primary dangers to human and animal health are deer ticks, dog ticks, and lone star ticks. No matter the tick, we will get rid of it for you.

Family Pest Control's Flea & Tick Warranty

One of the best things you can count on when you entrust Family Pest Control LLC with getting rid of your fleas is a 30-day warranty for free. Our technicians are so confident in our ability to provide complete flea and tick control in San Antonio, that we will come back for free if you spot a flea (or a tick!)

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