3 Spider Species Inside Your Home

Feb 20, 2018

While you might more commonly discover spiders if you’re climbing local area mountains or trekking through the many wooded areas throughout the region, spiders are quickly becoming a nuisance in the average Texas home. To help guide you on some of the more common spiders in the region, our Selma, TX pest control team are highlighting three spider species potentially inside your home in this latest post.

a giant mouse spider crawling inside of a selma texas home
  1. Brown Recluse Spider
    Native to Africa and now found in sub-tropical regions throughout the world, the brown recluse spider is found commonly in areas close to gardens and within sheds where leaves and grass collect. The spider is highly dangerous and has necrotic venom, which means that those who have been bitten require immediate medical attention. The spider ranges in color from dark grey to brown and usually has markings covering its back in the shape of a violin.
  2. Grey Wall Jumper
    Found in the home during the day, the grey wall jumper is one of the few species in Texas that is not nocturnal. They actively hunt during the daytime and are known for the short grey white hairs that cover their body. While these spiders can bite, they are not considered dangerous to humans. However, they can be an irritant within the home and should be removed.
  3. Mouse Spider
    The mouse spider is indigenous to Australia but has now been found in properties throughout the southern United States. They are brown or blue-black in color with bright red tinged jaws that can be used to distinguish them from other species. Medium in size at 2-3 cm in length, they generally remain in their burrows but are now being found in properties, perhaps due to changing environmental conditions. The mouse spider’s bite is highly dangerous and can cause extreme pain in adults, among other symptoms.

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