3 Spots You Didn’t Know Pests Could Get Into The Home

Mar 23, 2018

Pests can find their way into your home through various points outside the property. You might know that small cracks around windows and doors can allow these pests to creep inside. But there are far more spaces throughout the average home that allow access to pests. In this latest post, our trusted San Antonio pest control team highlights three spots you didn’t know pests could enter your home.

a rat crawling on a heating vent inside of a san antonio texas home
  1. Through Heating Vents
    HVAC vents comprise various structural pieces that span the entire home leading to the outside. They can be used by pests to enter the property, and pests are often found by HVAC professionals as the pest builds their nest within the vent. Making sure vents are protected and problems are immediately identified can prevent this issue.
  2. Through The Foundation
    Your home foundation can crack over time. It takes on stress regularly and this can lead to the material breaking at pressure points throughout the home. A small crack in the foundation can allow pests into basement spaces. Ensure your foundation is tested regularly to prevent pest access.
  3. Through Chimneys
    Chimneys are often used by squirrels, raccoons, and other agile pests to enter the local home. They can use the entry point to access the attic and spaces above the home for their nests. You’ll likely hear scratching from the roofing if a pest has made their way through the chimney.

It’s important to respond quickly when you experience a pest intrusion issue. To learn more on this problem, call our San Antonio pest control team now.


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