3 Steps To Dealing With A Caged Rodent

Mar 27, 2018

Oftentimes, homeowners must trap a rodent within their home and try to make sure it’s removed effectively. But those without experience in the removal process might find it challenging. Rodents can be unpredictable and so it’s important to work with a San Antonio rodent removal expert to ensure the animal is safely removed from the property. In this latest post, we’ll present three steps to dealing with a caged rodent.

a rat in a cage outside of a san antonio texas home
  1. Identify The Rodent
    The first step is to identify the rodent. There are numerous resources online that you can use to pinpoint the type of rodent that you have in the home. It’s important to identify the animal because this will help you and the specialist that you work with to remove the rodent safely. Smaller rodents such as mice and rats tend to be simpler to deal with than squirrels and other larger creatures.
  2. Call Your Local Removal Firm
    The removal firm will bring with them multiple removal products to ensure the animal is safely dealt with while minimizing the damage to the home. It’s important to call a removal firm because they cannot only get rid of the rodent safely, but also check your home for further signs of infestation. Going it alone can often mean you’re faced with a larger infestation over a short period of time.
  3. Complete A Home Inspection
    As part of their infestation check, the company will inspect your home, look through walls and door spaces to determine how the rodent entered the home and to identify signs of further intrusion. They can then remove the problem for the long-term.

Our team here at Family Pest Control can guide you in safe rodent removal from your San Antonio home. To learn more, call us today.


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