A Guide On What To Look For When Locating Rodent Nest Spots In Your Home

Mar 12, 2018

Rodents can often find their way into your family home. There, they create nests to shelter their pups against temperature fluctuations and to protect them against threats. If you have nests within the home, you’ll often hear the rodents crawling around in the night time. But without a clear understanding on rodent behavior it can be difficult to know how to locate their nests. In this latest post, our San Antonio rodent removal experts present a guide on what to look for when locating rodent nests in the home.

a nest of rats inside of a home in san antonio texas

A Ball Of Materials In A Hidden Space

When trying to locate a mouse nest within the home, it’s important to look for a large ball made from organic materials found around the home. The mouse will use wood shavings, paper, cardboard, cloth and other materials they find to construct their nest and then form it into a ball, which allows their family to live inside. The location of mouse droppings near or inside these materials is a clear indicator of infestation.

Look For Holes Under Heavy Objects

Rats are notorious for their ability to find their way to the ground under heavy objects to create their burrows. You’ll often find that rats work to chew through several layers of drywall and other materials to burrow deep into the home. A group of small holes impacted by teeth marks is a clear indicator that rats are within close proximity. Often, where one rat has made their way into the home, it’s likely there are tens, perhaps even hundreds more.

Our rodent removal team at Family Pest Control in San Antonio can help you identify and remove rodent nests in your home. To learn more on your removal options, call us today.


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